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Why is it important to shoe your horse regularly every five to seven weeks?

  1. Regular shoeing done to a high standard is the best way of maintaining your horses feet and legs in optimum condition. Prevention is always better than cure.
  2. A shod foot will rapidly grow at the toe and less at the heel causing the pastern angle to change. This places disproportionate pressures on the heel of the hoof.
  3. If the shoes are left on too long, the hoof will eventually out grow the shoe at the quarters and heel. This is a prime cause of corns, quarter cracks and weak heels.
  4. Irregular shoeing will also contribute to:
    Hook cracks - Thrush - Seedy Toe - poor horse performance - gait problems
  5. Regular shoeing for most horses will result in:
    Stronger feet - healthier feet - less cracks and seedy toe - a more athletic horse.


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